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Our top priority is making sure your proprietary information is kept safe and secure. Whether your business is looking to launch a new product or want to protect your information from the competition, you can rest assured that we are ALWAYS going to keep your information protected with updated Confidentiality Agreements. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of security.


The complex legal system in both Brazil and the United States can present many challenges. Also, the business relations between these two countries can be affected negatively if communication is not clear. In the medical field, an error in communication can be fatal. We know how important it is to render the most accurate translation in all settings. We collaborate with lawyers, as well as business and medical professionals, to ensure the best in translation.


At Anglo Brazil, we say that translations are "perishable." Suppose you need to send your paperwork to immigration or submit a tender to a government agency; you have a deadline to meet. With our efficient translating methods, we guarantee that your translation will be delivered on time. Our track record speaks for itself. We NEVER miss deadlines. 

The comprehensive legal, medical and business translation service company you can trust.


Anglo Brazil is a translation and localization company specialized in the bilateral relations between the United States and Brazil. Our enterprise was founded in 2010 by Eduardo Krauser, a former English teacher, to assist individuals with their immigration-related translations. Soon after its inception, Anglo Brazil also started providing translated content to various translation agencies in the United States and abroad. Today, with the experience of having translated millions of words in the legal, medical and business arenas, we have become experts in document translation.

Our team consists of well-trained certified language consultants located in Brazil and in the United States. Anglo Brazil's reputation of excellence in providing accurate, confidential and cost-effective translation solutions stems from its commitment to never miss a deadline using the right technology for your project. Our clients often praise us for our quick turnaround and quality of service.

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