certified professional document translation services from PORTUGUESE into ENGLISH and from english into portuguese.

accuracy and confidentiality

Our clients can always expect the highest level of confidentiality and accuracy. Our three-step translation process (translating, editing and proofreading) guarantees excellence, and each project is accompanied by a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Anglo Brazil

on-time delivery


Our company has an excellent track record of professionalism and on-time delivery of projects. Despite our fast turnaround, our speed is gained with the latest translation technology and methodology and not by compromising the quality of our work.

Anglo Brazil provides certified, notarized or sworn (tradução juramentada) document translation services to agencies and direct clients engaging in business between the United States and Brazil. Our bilingual and bicultural professionals also assist companies with marketing content localization services for your brand. In addition, we help immigrants with their paperwork translation needs in the United States. 


A member of the American Translators Association.

"Brazil-U.S. relations have never been stronger. With that in mind, in 2010, Anglo Brazil was established to help bridge the language gap between these two nations."

​Eduardo Krauser, Translator and Founder